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Consider Low-Iron Glass

Clear glass is commonly used in interior residential projects, but many people do not realize that clear glass has a green hue.  The thicker the glass, the more noticeable the green edge will be.  For many use cases standard clear glass is completely appropriate and acceptable, but some homeowners may prefer the high definition look of Low-iron glass.  Low-iron glass has reduced amounts of iron-oxide which means it is extraordinarily clear and virtually tint free.

Frameless shower doors are often times the most popular use case for low-iron glass as the green hue of standard clear glass sometimes affects the appearance of the tile or marble.

Another area of the home where low-iron glass is popular is in painted back splashes.  In a standard clear back splash, the green in the glass when combined with the color of the paint can create an end result that does not match the original design.  Low-iron glass allows the color of the paint to show more brilliantly through the glass so that the color you select is the color you will see.

Although there are many benefits of Low-iron glass, it has typically been cost prohibitive for many homeowners.  Historically it has been two or three times the price of standard clear glass.  Fountain Glass is bringing this option to Kansas City in a way that will make it much more affordable to our customers.  Ask us about Low-Iron for your next interior glass project!

Recent shower installation using Low-iron glass.
Recent shower installed using Low-iron glass.
Low-Iron Back Splash with back-painted glass
Low-Iron Back Splash with back-painted glass